The best telegram groups on fights and humour

Do you like watching violent and very shocking content? Telegram brawl, gang war and murder groups are full of extreme violence videos just the way you like them. And if you're of age, Leak Group Telegram has a selection of the best fight groups on Telegram.
100% Street

This channel is full baston gore, if you don't like violence don't join

Parisian salad

Here, fights at will, fights, fights on Telegram! It's an incredible Telegram!

Organised crime

This channel is full of fights at will! Murder, war, everything is on demand!

The best telegram groups on fighting

Why join a Telegram group fight?

As human beings, violence is part of our nature. Watching obscene scenes of violence brings out strong feelings in us. It is not for nothing that in ancient Rome people loved to watch gladiatorial combat. Even today, there is no shortage of spectators at official and clandestine fighting matches. If the usual scenes of violence (boxing, MMA, action films, etc.) are not shocking enough for you, you will appreciate the very trashy videos of the Telegram groups we have listed.

What can be found on Telegrams of fights?

In the Telegram groups of fightsThe videos include: fight videos, gruesome murder scenes, videos of people dying and dying, videos of bloody gang wars, robberies, etc. The scenes in these videos are usually real and it is even possible to come across videos of shocking stories that you had heard about. In short, there is all kinds of very trashy content that can disgust sensitive people. But if that's what you're looking for, you won't be bored by joining our pick of the best Telegram brawling groups.
The best telegram groups on fighting
The best telegram groups on fights and shocking videos

Is it legal to join a Telegram group fight?

It's totally legal to watch this kind of content on Telegram. In fact, it is practically the only social network where you can find explicitly violent content. In fact, Telegram, unlike other social media sites, does not censor content containing violence. However, the fight groups are only for people over 18. So if you are over 18 and like to watch shocking videos, you can join French Telegram channels of fights specially selected for you. Thrills are guaranteed!