Here are the Best Telegram Prediction Groups (2022)

Best Telegram Groups Predictions

Telegram groups in the prognosis category 

If you are a prognosticator, Telegram is the best social network to share your betting passion with thousands of other fans, and to find good predictions. To do so, we present you this list of the best groups Telegram known prognosticators that exist. They are totally free, and they are the most sought-after Telegram groups by predictors and the most credible to date. You will find special football predictions, PMU predictions or even basketball predictions.

List of Telegram forecasting groups

Gamblers make predictions to make money. Gambling is much more profitable than you might think and for bettors it is an excellent way to earn some easy money. Are you one of these people? If your answer to the question is yes, you will love the Telegram prognosis below.

Telegram Group Prediction and best bookmakers

Pronostic et meilleurs bookmakers is a Telegram group of the best French bettors. Good predictions for your next football bets or any other type of sport are also published there. You benefit from a welcome offer as soon as you join this Telegram channel.


Here the E-sports betting experts advise you and share their predictions with you. In the group Telegram of prognosis Mr, you will benefit from very good plans of bets which are 100% free. You will also be able to propose your predictions and all that in a very good atmosphere.

Prono club

Prono club is a free VIP channel for expert bettors. If you have been in the betting business for a long time, you will certainly feel at home with the VIP group Telegram Prono club's prognostic service.

Easy sports betting

In the Telegram group of easy bets and sports predictions, you will find on all types of sports, good easy betting plans to allow you to win at all times your bets in any sports field. The predictions given on this group are free.

Free 1xBet prediction

If you are a 1xBet person, then you definitely belong in the group Telegram Free 1xBet betting tips. In this group you will find Telegram The best bets on the 1xBet application. All predictions given on the group are completely free.

NBA_first/ sports betting

This channel Telegram NBA prediction group has been around since 2019 and has remained one of the best Telegram prediction groups in the business to this day. If you are looking for a good NBA prediction Telegram group, you should definitely join the NBA_first/sports betting group.


Here there are tipsters from all over the world. So you have the possibility to discuss bets with members from other countries for free. This allows you to get new opinions on certain bets.

Crazy Prono Word

In the group Telegram On the Crazy Prono Word, you will find the best predictions for football, tennis or the NBA. Contests are also organised on the group and members can give their opinions. This is an open group for all prognosticators to share their passion.

Why should you be interested in and join Telegram prognostic groups?

Most people are interested in groups Telegram They use predictions and integrate them to avoid making blind bets. The predictions allow them to study the team they plan to bet on with a fine-tooth comb so that they know exactly what they are betting on and are guaranteed not to lose their money. This way they optimise their chances.

The groups TelegramIn general, they differ from groups in other social networks in the following ways:

  • The ease of sharing your passions without censorship and in safety;
  • The possibility of having access to a very large and unlimited community;
  • Freedom of expression ;
  • Prioritising your content.

Do you have to be 18 years old to join the Telegram prognostic groups?

Yes, as with any site related to betting and gambling, it is mandatory to be 18 years old before joining groups Telegram of prognosis. Indeed, in Telegram prognosis groups, minors are exposed to the risk of bills and debts that they will unfortunately not be able to pay. These problems can quickly lead to other serious psychological problems or harassment by the person to whom they owe money.

How do I create a Telegram group for forecasting?

To create a group yourself Telegram to make a forecast, you must follow the following steps:

  • Press the icon at the top right of your phone or computer screen;
  • Then click on new group ;
  • Select all the contacts you wish to include in your Telegram prediction group;
  • Give your group a name;
  • Start posting in your Telegram group.

In sum, the best groups Telegram are the ones we listed above. They are free and offer the best in betting tips on different types of bets. However, you must be of legal age to use them.


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