Here are the Best French Telegram Sex Groups (2022)

Best Telegram Sex Groups

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You can access adult content on Telegram via groups or channels. If you have trouble finding it, here are some recommendations. We have a range of groups available to you Telegram French and international sex tapes. If you want to get exclusive sex tapes from influencers and hot videos, just join a xxx channel.

Best Telegram groups in the Sex category

There are a variety of telegram groups for X video lovers. And no matter what your preferences are, you'll always find the group that shares the type of sex videos you like. We have found for you, the best xxx groups telegram in which you have star leaks, nudes and lots of other adult content.

Onlyfans and MYM Leaks

This group is one of the best for sex videos that are shared both on telegram than on Onlyfans. Check it out.

Hot Beurettes

Join the group telegram Hot beurettes if you are a fan. This is a very popular channel in France and everywhere else. You will find there very dirty beurettes as you like.

Booty call 18/22 years

In this group telegramHere you will find ads from dating fans who are between 18 and 22 years old. Join to have fun, have fun.

Round robin meeting

Do you love curvy women? Do you swear by their nudes and x-rated videos of their lovemaking? in this group telegramYou are doubly served. Meet luscious and hot women for sex without taboos.

Honey Girls 18+ (in French)

In the Honey Girls 18+ group, you have a multitude of photos of beautiful women between 20 and 30 years old. It is free and you have access to these various photos on a daily basis.

Klaya Moony

Klaya Moony is a very hot and beautiful French nude artist. If you want to have her sexy nudes, join the channel.

Hentai Special

This group is for Hentai fans. By joining, you open yourself up to endless hentai for your enjoyment. All members of the group share the same passion for hentai as you do. Join them!

Sex ad

Do you want to meet a man? A woman? Join this channel in which beautiful, open and naughty women are looking for men for a night out. Are you hot? Join the group.


Watch x videos of Brazzers in this channel. If you are looking for high quality videos, join this channel. Many hot and naughty clips are waiting for you.

Telegram XNXX

If you are a regular user of XNXX, this telegram group will interest you for sure. Find all the sex videos of the site without going there. Moreover, here everything is filtered so that you have access to the best videos 18+.

Sextapes Stars

View the sextapes of several celebrities in this telegram channel. Discover Maeva Ghennam's leak, Léa Mary's leak, Tootatis' leak, polska's leak, Léana ZAOUI's leak, Rubynikara's leak and of course Astrid NELSIA's leak. This channel is a treasure. A sex tape has been leaked? You will certainly find it quickly in this channel.


SERIES WEB Adult is counted among the best telegram sex groups. And for good reason, you have a huge collection of free photos and videos. Nothing escapes the members of this group. From old videos to the most recent ones, it's all there.

Brazzers Premium

The Official Brazzers telegram group is a xxx channel where you can get new XXX videos daily. It is easy to access, but you must be at least 18 years old to access it.

Desi Short Videos

Videos and photos of sexy girls are shared on this xxx group. This is an amateur channel where in addition to having very explicit videos, you are entitled to nudes of women and men who put themselves in all the naughtiest postures.


This group is Premium. It's an adult channel where members are king. As a member, when you request a sex video, you are automatically served. The group currently has over 349,800 members.

Films for adults 21+.

If you are over 18, this is one of the best telegram groups for your pleasure. You can download free sexy videos and photos of hot women and men.


The Pornhub telegram group shares exclusive content for Pornhub fans. If you're tired of only seeing bad videos and want the best videos from the site, this xxx channel is perfect for you.

Sex group on telegram: why join?

Joining a sex group on Telegram helps you to ENJOY. Because when you have access to content that you love, especially when it comes to sex, it's always fun. Plus, Telegram is a platform that offers you content and allows you to post it safely. Furthermore, it has a huge community of members and therefore it is easy to find very naughty groups where people can meet.

Whether it's a xxx channel, a telegram sex channel or nudes, all the Adult Content groups you're looking for are at your fingertips. You will meet hots girls and boys, as well as videos from professional xxx sites. All this to say that you gain everything to join a telegram sex channel.

Telegram sex groups: under 18s or not

You have to be an adult to watch adult content. So yes, you have to be 18 or older to join a telegram sex group. Because if you don't really understand what you're watching, it can have real consequences for your body and even your mind.


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