Here are the Best French Telegram Groups for Fighting & Shocking (2022)

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If you are looking for groups Telegram You've come to the right place. We present you the best brawl, shootout, settlement and other similar videos. Only fans of bloody, shocking and very dark videos are concerned by these groups. If you are sensitive, these channels Telegram are not for you.

List of the best Telegram groups in the fights category

Many people are attracted to violent content, videos of people beating each other to death. Obviously, thanks to Telegram channels, you are served if you belong to this category of people. The following groups are the most sought after and the best ones that offer both viral and lesser known videos.

Street Fight/Bagarre de rue 

If you are looking for a fight video, chances are you will find it in this telegram group. Street Fight/Bagarre de rue is a channel with thousands of videos of gang wars, street fights, street brawls, shocking videos. You can watch these videos for free and also download them. This channel has more than 34000 members.


The telegram group 100% RUE is a channel for adult users. It has over 500,000 members and shares street fights, shocking videos, viral or little known content, exclusive street fights, etc. But you also have in this group, news, reality and humour videos.

Only Street Fighting

Only Street Fighting is one of the most popular telegram groups for street fighting videos. If you want to see and have videos of fights, crazy fights, violent knockouts on a daily basis, join this channel.


The STREET FIGHTS channel is a well known Russian telegram group. Its specialty is sharing videos of street fights, MMA and good fight bands as you like them. If you are sensitive, be careful; do not venture into this group, as the content is very violent.

Niçoise Salad

Among the telegram channels that share fighting content, Salade Niçoise is at the top of the list. This group has a reputation for sharing shocking and bloody videos. If you want a video of a neighbourhood brawl or content of someone dying, you've come to the right place. Robberies, car chases, beatings and lots of other violent content are available on Salade Niçoise.


The telegram channel C'EST LES Z'HOMMES broadcasts shocking videos and content from various fights. It is also a group that shares entertaining and funny videos. It has several members and its notoriety is well known.

Tonop 18

Tonop 18+ is a Russian telegram channel that is full of videos of extreme fights. The group is one of the most famous for its violent content. It has about 3 million participants or members worldwide. The group shares deaths, bloody fights, beatings, suicide videos and even images and videos of the war in Ukraine. It is certainly one of the darkest telegram groups on this list.

Fight 2 Neighbourhood

The videos you can find in the group Bagarre 2 Quartier are among others

  • Kidnapping attempts;
  • Motorbike and/or car accidents;
  • Bloody fights;
  • Settling scores;
  • Robberies ;
  • Sextapes. Why should you be interested in Telegram brawl groups and integrate them?

Being interested in telegram groups of fights is only for people who like this type of content. If you don't like to see videos and photos of this type, there are plenty of other telegram groups with different themes.

For people who are addicted to fight videos, taking an interest in telegram fight groups is a way to be entertained. It's also a way to get real videos to share or just download.

In addition, telegram groups stand out from other third-party groups by offering you :

  • The possibility of having access to a very large community, without limits;
  • The ease of sharing your passions without censorship, in safety;
  • Prioritizing your content;
  • Daily information ;
  • The freedom to express oneself.

How to join a fight channel on Telegram without an administrator's permission?

Joining a telegram fight channel without an administrator's permission is only possible when you have access to the invitation link. When you have an invitation link available to you, simply click on it to become a member of the group.

Do you have to be over 18 to join a Telegram fight channel?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old before joining such groups. The content of telegram fight groups is violent. If you are not mature enough to watch these videos, they can harm you both physically and mentally.

The best telegram groups in the fight category include Bagarre 2 Quartier, C'EST LES Z'HOMMES, Bagarre de rue/Street Fight, Tonop 18+, etc. All of these groups offer violent content, blood and even images and videos of people dying. All of these groups offer violent content, blood and even images and videos of people dying. You can embed them via a link or from searches. 


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