Sensual games to break the monotony

Sensual games to break the monotony

Being in a relationship is about enjoying every moment with your loved one. Sometimes, however, routine sets in against your will. The least we can say is that it creates a very dull atmosphere. Do you want to rekindle the flame of your love? In this article, we present some sensual games for couples to break the monotony.

The dice

Some couples identify dice as one of the best erotic game ideas. It's a well-known game that doesn't require much logistics. All you need to do is get some dice from a sex shop.

The principle of the game is simple. On the surface of the dice, actions are indicated. You simply roll the dice and perform the action on or with your partner. However, you can also use classic dice. You will have to associate each number with a pledge. To save you the trouble, there are erotic dice books that you can buy for this purpose.

Whether it's foreplay or the actual act, this sensual game can be played at any time during your intimacy. If you wish, you can add other accessories to make the moment more exciting.

The submission game

It is a sensual and daring game. It is ideal for couples who enjoy dominance scenarios. To enhance the game, you need special lingerie. This can be a corset, pantyhose, bodystocking or a sexy handcuff. You can buy these in a sex shop. One of the partners will have to accept the submission. The latter will have to do everything the lover tells him/her to do.

It is a game that allows you to discover more about yourself. You will learn to know your limits and those of your partner. To optimise your respective pleasures, consider buying erotic light games for couples.

Naughty truth or dare

It is a game that is very well known to the general public. You've probably already played it. But this version is a bit more naughty. There are manuals or small electronic devices specially designed for this purpose. You will find hundreds of sensual tricks to do with your partner. However, the tricks are both sexually oriented and about your relationship. You are about to have an evening that you will not forget.

This is the perfect game to boost your libido. It's great for spicing up your evenings. Every action and every truth will bring you a little closer to your loved one.

The fire brigade tour

This is a not very well known erotic game. It features a fireman who goes from house to house selling calendars. When you find out who is ringing your doorbell, you fall under his spell. Luckily the fireman is there to put out the fire in you. This sensual game is a great way to break the routine of your relationship. It requires you to invest yourself and that is the best way to make your partner want you even more.

For this game you have the possibility to change the roles. However, don't forget to buy the sexy fireman costume in a sex shop, to make the situation more real.